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BHRT Benefits

- Increased quality of life

- More energy during the day

- Improved sleep

- Stronger sex drive

- Better mental clarity

- Improved mood

- Decreased symptoms of anxiety and depression

- Prevents the spread of disease

- Healthier skin and nails

- Improved ability to lose fat & build muscle

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For women

Women experiencing the following may be interested in BHRT:

- Menopause

- Vaginal dryness

- Weight gain

- Fatigue

- Brain fog

- Irritability & stress

- Hot flashes & night sweats

- Hair loss & aging skin

- Mood swings

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For Men

Men experiencing the following may be interested in Testosterone BHRT:

- Low energy

- Sleep issues

- Low sex drive

- Poor erection quality

- Loss of muscle mass

- Low endurance

- Increased abdominal fat

- Cognitive & memory problems

- Slow recovery from exercise

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Our talented team specializes in enhancing lives through in-depth patient screenings and listening to & understanding the needs of all body types, for both women and men.

Our personalized treatment is tailored around your body's unique needs so your body can function at an optimal level.

Schedule a consultation today to have all of your questions answered by a member from our medical team!

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Dr. Edward Eckert


Dr. Eckert was a board certified OB/GYN who is the president and founder of Hormonify.

Kristi Bernardo


Kristi is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse and board certified in women’s health.

Breast cancer and hormone replacement Hormonify
June 25, 2020

What is Really Happening During A Breast Cancer Diagnosis?

By Kristi Bernardo, MSN, APRN, WHNP-BC   Breast cancer is a common concern and affects women’s health worldwide. Increasing your knowledge of sex hormones in breast

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Menopause and Weight Gain

Since menopause started, how many times have you complained about your weight gain? Well, today, we are addressing this question.  In general, a concomitant condition

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April 8, 2020

Before and After Progesterone Treatment Results

Today we want to talk about progesterone therapy. Much has been written about the non-surgical therapies for facial wrinkles. The current craze with topical hyaluronic

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April 3, 2020

COVID-19: An Informational Update from Hormonify

“It’s April 3, 2020 and we have been dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic for weeks. There is a huge amount of material in the media

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March 10, 2020

6 Health Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy You May Not Be Aware Of.

There are many benefits & relief from symptoms that we can experience with a proper Bioidentical replacement therapy program.  Benefits such as increased energy, better

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March 10, 2020

Revisiting Insomnia: “The Lion in the Bedroom Syndrome”

After interviewing thousands of patients for Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, it was obvious that insomnia is part of the presenting symptom complex. However, was this caused

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October 1, 2021

Benefits of a Personalized Supplement Protocol

While it hasn’t always been fashionable, nutrition and supplementation is a trending interest that many people prioritize and constantly consider when making decisions on a

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September 14, 2021

Hormone Therapy for Men with Low Testosterone

The potential benefits of testosterone therapy are considered to be remarkable and change the quality of life for those dealing with a testosterone deficiency which

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September 3, 2021

Hormone Replacement for Women Before and During Menopause

Today you have an all natural alternative that can actually balance the hormones in your body back to healthy levels that behaves no differently than

Monologues of Atrophy
February 14, 2020

Monologues of Atrophy

When it comes to our patients complaining of “Atrophy”, we all know what organs are affected. Due to robot-readers that might exclude this blog, we