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Revisiting Insomnia: "The Lion in the Bedroom Syndrome"

Revisiting Insomnia: “The Lion in the Bedroom Syndrome”

Revisiting Insomnia: "The Lion in the Bedroom Syndrome"
by Dr. Edward Eckert

After interviewing thousands of patients for Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, it was obvious that insomnia is part of the presenting symptom complex. However, was this caused by a hormone deficiency or other causes not previously diagnosed? 

The challenge before us was to establish a paradigm to separate out those patients that have other causes of insomnia and sleep disorders. It is common knowledge that hormone deficiency, especially Progesterone and its breakdown product Estrogen plays a significant role in causing night sweats and hot flashes that can wake a patient up from deep sleep. 

However what about those that wake up in the middle of the night and have associated anxiety without night sweats? These patients are woken up from a deep sleep by the body in the attempt to protect it from impending danger, real or perceived. 

Almost all our patients recall having super powerful hearing when they had little children in the home. They would wake up with the slightest provocation. How did that happen? 

We believe that this insomnia mechanism is a protection system established by our ancestors to protect the young from predators when indeed they were exposed to such attacks from wild animals. Of course, those that did not have this ability wouldn’t wake up and that genetic line would be terminated!

On further questioning, almost all of these patients relate to increased stress and having feelings of being unsafe or insecure. This might be real or perceived, however, it is all real to the human mind. 

Even though replacing hormone deficiency and modifying the hormone will make the patient sleep better, it will require a complete sleep history to delineate the insomnia disorder and treatment instituted. 

We believe that what I call the “Lion in the Bedroom Syndrome” needs to be further studied and understood and not just treated with sleeping agents that have serious side-effects and complications. 


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