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Why Progesterone is Necessary for Women’s Hormone Deficiency Treatment

Why Progesterone is Necessary for Women’s Hormone Deficiency Treatment

Estrogen gets all the notoriety, but it’s not the only female hormone. To balance out estrogen, women need progesterone. This hormone functions completely differently but is just as essential for a woman’s health. Some hormone therapy treatments lean too heavily on estrogen, and this can be detrimental for a number of reasons. Read on to learn about the importance of progesterone for women, especially if they have a hormone deficiency. 

The Importance of Progesterone in Women’s Health

Progesterone helps keep many female bodily functions in check, including excess production of estrogen. It helps regulate the menstrual cycle, which leads to improved fertility. This hormone directly impacts mood, energy levels and libido. It also offers protection against estrogen dominance and its associated health risks, such as certain cancers and endometriosis. 

Progesterone Deficiency in Women

Not having enough progesterone can cause a slew of problems for women. Some of the most common symptoms are headaches, mood swings, irregular periods and weight gain. Low progesterone levels are thought to be caused by insufficient production early in life and as a natural part of the aging process. Not treating progesterone deficiency increases the risk of diseases like breast cancer, cervical cancer, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and more. 

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy as a Solution

Hormone replacement therapy can help women overcome hormone imbalance. With bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, women can take a targeted approach that deals with their unique hormone imbalance. Bioidentical progesterone is essential for any woman taking hormones as a treatment because it balances out estrogen. 

Hormonify’s Approach to Progesterone Treatment

Hormone therapy treatment for women needs the proper balance of progesterone, testosterone, tri estrogen and DHEA. These hormones all work together to ensure optimal function. With individualized treatment plans, women can get back to the lives they had before their hormones became unbalanced. Hormonify uses bioidentical hormone therapy, which emulates the body’s natural hormones, in a combination that makes sense for each patient. 

Progesterone is vital for a female hormone deficiency treatment program. Before starting out on a new supplement or hormone replacement therapy plan, you should consult with an experienced physician. At Hormonify, our team will help you restore hormone balance, which impacts many areas of your life. If your hormones appear to be off balance, contact us today for a pre-consultation.

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