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Stopping the Stigma Around Hormones for Men

Stopping the Stigma Around Hormones for Men

When we think of hormone imbalance, more times than not, women come to mind. Women’s hormones feel like a major focus of their lives. From the first period to the early signs of menopause, female hormones get all the attention. It also can feel like the only hormone men should prioritize is testosterone. However, hormones as a whole are just as important for men. When working properly, hormones help regulate things like sex drive, energy levels and even cognition. Men, just like women, see a reduction in sex hormones as they age, which leads to imbalance. Read on to learn about why men’s hormones should be taken just as seriously as those in women. 

Understanding Hormones and Men

Hormones affect almost every aspect of overall health, regardless of a person’s gender. This includes both physical and emotional wellbeing. Some of the leading signs of hormone imbalance in men include the following: 

  • Low energy and endurance
  • Lack of sex drive
  • Cognitive and memory problems
  • Sleep issues and fatigue
  • Slow recovery from exercise

Men with any of the above symptoms can benefit from bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy, which helps restore hormone balance. 

Addressing the Stigma

Men’s health is a touchy subject. When it comes to mental health, men are expected to “man up” and get over whatever is ailing them. In terms of physical health, they’re often told they need to get stronger and overcome the obstacle. 

Some consider testosterone replacement therapy to be taking the easy way out. Hormonal problems are also unfairly stereotyped as a women’s issue. There’s also the simple fact that hormone imbalance is often associated with aging. However, with hormones impacting so much of how the body functions, bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy is a necessity for some men. 

Breaking Down Barriers

To address hormone imbalance in men, the first step is to talk about it. Men should feel comfortable talking to healthcare professionals about any health concern, especially something as major as hormones. However, most people lack the necessary knowledge to express concerns about their hormone health. 

If your male loved one appears to have unaddressed hormone issues, help him find resources, and educate him about the impact hormones have on his life. By challenging the misconceptions and stereotypes around male hormones, you can help him improve his overall wellbeing. 

Hormone imbalance can impact anyone, especially as they age. While bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy has helped many men live healthier, happier lives, getting assessed is an important first step. Hormonify works with patients to create bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy plans that address each patient’s unique concerns. If you’re feeling off balance in your daily life, contact us today for a pre-consultation. 

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