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5 Most Common Issues That Call for Testosterone Replacement Therapy

5 Most Common Issues That Call for Testosterone Replacement Therapy

When people think of hormonal issues, the most common ones that come to mind are those that relate to women. However, hormones play an equally important role for men. Men start losing testosterone in their 30s, with many experiencing low testosterone levels by the time they reach their 50s. Hormone balance impacts physical and mental health, and as men lose testosterone, they often lose a sense of balance. One recommended course of treatment is testosterone replacement therapy. Learn about a few of the most common issues that would make you a candidate for this type of therapy. 

Low Testosterone Levels

Low T is the most obvious reason to seek testosterone replacement therapy. Men in their 50s and beyond who notice increasing feelings of fatigue and depression or symptoms like erectile dysfunction and muscle loss are likely experiencing low testosterone levels. Taking bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy can eliminate these issues and get their lives back on track. 

Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone has the power to enhance sexual desire, so naturally, low testosterone levels can negatively impact sexual function. This can take the form of decreased libido, erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation, among other issues. Lack of sexual performance is a common reason for men to seek out testosterone replacement therapy.  


Testosterone helps maintain metabolism and boosts physical performance. When the body doesn’t have enough testosterone, it runs less efficiently. The body works harder to produce the same amount of energy, leading to fatigue. Hormone deficiency treatment with testosterone can help bring energy levels back up. Men who take testosterone often state that they feel “young again” due to this effect. 

Muscle Loss and Weight Gain

While metabolism helps with energy production, it also has an impact on weight. Having a lower metabolism due to a lack of testosterone can cause men to gain weight, even if they maintain the same habits. Losing testosterone can also lead to muscle loss. This has to do with lowered metabolism but also because testosterone helps build muscle by generating proteins. Therefore, a testosterone replacement therapy program can help men with unwanted weight gain and muscle loss. 

Mood Changes and Depression

Testosterone helps regulate moods and emotions, so lowered testosterone levels can contribute to mood changes and depression in men. Low mood and irritability are especially common in aging men as their testosterone levels naturally decline. Hormone deficiency treatment through bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy can go a long way in bringing those moods back into balance. 

Men aged 30 and older who experience the symptoms listed above can potentially benefit from bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy. If you’re considering a hormone deficiency treatment plan, you should start with a professional consultation. The team at Hormonify takes care to ensure that every patient receives the levels of hormones needed to restore balance in their lives. Contact us today for a pre-consultation. 

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