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Why We Use the Troche for BHRT

Why We Use the Troche for BHRT

If you’re new to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT, you may not have heard of troches. A troche is a dosage form that is similar to a lozenge, which you absorb by dissolving between the cheek and gums. They have become a popular way to administer BHRT due to their many benefits, which include the balance of hormones, lack of mess, efficiency and more. Read on to learn all about the benefits of troches for BHRT. 

Easier on Internal Organs

Troches, unlike other HRT dosage forms, such as oral tablets and capsules, avoid the first pass at the liver, making them easier on the liver and gallbladder. This means common digestive issues associated with hormone replacement therapy can be avoided. It also allows the hormones to go straight into the bloodstream. Combining this type of treatment with easier-to-absorb bioidentical hormones gives the body a better chance of experiencing all of the benefits of hormone balance with fewer setbacks.

Better Balance

Pellet therapy and pill-based therapy are difficult to customize, which often results in the imbalance continuing to exist, just in a different way. For example, females on pellet therapy often have male levels of testosterone long after they take the pellet. Troches can provide levels of hormones that are tailored to a patient’s needs. Each troche can contain up to five hormones, which often means that a patient’s hormone needs can be covered by one dosage form, rather than multiple. 

No Mess

In the past, the main form of delivery for hormones was topical creams, which were expensive, messy and difficult for the body to absorb. The pellet served as a solution to this problem, but they provided spike and trough levels of hormones outside of acceptable levels. This caused patients to experience a series of side effects that made it impossible to continue the therapy. With the troche, there’s no mess from the dosage form, and patients experience fewer ups and downs throughout their treatment. 

More Control

Using a troche for BHRT treatment allows the patient to have more control over their dosing. Within less than a day, the hormones are cleared from the system, allowing the patients to control the amount they’re taking and reducing the chance of creating another hormone imbalance. 

At Hormonify, troches are the preferred dosage type. Our team takes care to ensure that every patient receives the levels of hormones they need, which is easier to do with this method of BHRT dosing. If you’re considering BHRT, you should start with a professional consultation. Contact us today to schedule yours. 

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