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Topical Progesterone Therapy

Before and After Progesterone Treatment Results

Dr. Edward Eckert

Today we want to talk about progesterone therapy. Much has been written about the non-surgical therapies for facial wrinkles. The current craze with topical hyaluronic acid and vitamin C therapy is expensive and less effective than topical progesterone therapy. We have noticed over the years the improved collagen and elastin deposition and skin hydration with those using natural progesterone. Now, this benefit can be augmented by using progesterone topically in effective clinical dosing. 

How to use Progesterone Therapy?

The program initiates with a two-month trial using .5 cc of cream to the local desired areas of skin wrinkles each morning for two months. Particular attention should be given to crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, brow furrowing, and peri-oral creases. 

Before and After Progesterone Treatment 

Those on botox or fillers should continue on those therapies. We want to reevaluate you in two months with a serum progesterone level and compare before and after photos. Once improvement is noticed, patients will decide to continue. We have had no side effects with our progesterone therapies, which we have been using for 21 years. 

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