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Monologues of Atrophy

Monologues of Atrophy

When it comes to our patients complaining of “Atrophy”, we all know what organs are affected. Due to robot-readers that might exclude this blog, we cannot mention one organ that begins with the letter V but many women will remember due to the famous Broadway play-written by Eve Ensler-  named “The V…..Monologues” That being said, Atrophy is one of the most common reasons women come to us for treatment. The good news is that Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) does an excellent job by reducing and also, eliminating this painful condition. 

Monologues of Atrophy

Atrophy can involve other organs. Patients experiencing frequent urination might have a urinary tract infection (UTI). However, just the lack of proper hormone levels can also produce these symptoms. In fact, UTI’s are more common when there is atrophy

We all know what can happen or cannot happen when there is atrophy. The area becomes prone to infections as the PH changes and the normal flora cannot flourish. A balancing flora can be aided by proper probiotic replacement and the avoidance of unnecessary antibiotics. 

Food suppliers and fast food companies are notorious for using hormone impregnated food, especially beef, that does affect our natural balance of bacteria in our body. 

Next time that you start listening to the V-Monologue again, consider that you could have a hormone imbalance. Our medical specialists are extremely knowledgeable about how to create a personalized program for you, along with proper hormone replacement. 


Any mention of specific names for organizations, institutions, medications or individuals does not constitute an endorsement from either party unless otherwise specified. This blog should not be construed as medical advice. 

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