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When hormone deficiency is the reason for your weight gain

When hormone deficiency is the reason for your weight gain

When hormone deficiency is the reason for your weight gain

Weight gain is a common concern among women. Women suffering from hot flashes, mood disorders, sleep disturbances, and muscle aches have an increased risk of weight gain. As hormone levels fall, body fat is redistributed and abdominal fat is more likely. This also increases the chances of heart disease. Replacing hormones results in fat being redistributed away from the abdominal area.  

Eating adequate amounts of protein also helps with weight management. Your body needs large amounts of protein to function and maintain lean muscle mass. Having a diet high in protein increases your feelings of fullness and decreases your hunger for a long period. Protein also increases metabolism because of the number of calories it takes to digest it. Not having enough protein in your diet can cause muscle weakness, fatigue, and a slower metabolism. Combining various sources of protein, with a low carbohydrate diet, will keep blood sugar levels lower, and promote fat loss in the abdomen. 

Weight loss in women requires a thorough understanding of the effects of low hormone levels, and the importance of protein consumption. Hormonify recognizes the importance of addressing both these issues when weight management is a concern. We offer individualized programs for hormone replacement and weight loss. Let us help you feel good from the inside out!


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