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The Future of Hormonify

The Future of Hormonify

Despite the numerous accomplishments of Hormonify in such a short period or time, we would like to share our goals for the near future and extend thanks to our supporters in these endeavors.

We have concerns about the fact that prescriptions written by licensed medical practitioners are not covered by your insurance company solely on the basis of the fact they are made specifically for you. Even though our compounding partners are all being supervised by the FDA and are subject to multiple inspections and quality assurance compliance, there are no compounded prescriptions that are being covered by the insurance industry. There is no evidence that these prescriptions are more unsafe than prescription synthetic compounds, that is the rationale used by the insurance industry to not pay for these safe and controlled substances.

Hormonity is concerned about this disparity of coverage and will begin to go forward and solicit legislators at the state level to initiate legislation to correct this problem.

As we are adding qualified practitioners around the country we are able to better service patients in 15 states. Our goal is to offer our services in a growing number of states as we add qualified and trained practitioners to our staff.

Another barrier to our advancement in bioidentical hrt is the incorrect conclusion by many unqualified medical practitioners that taking a balanced hrt program increases the risk of breast cancer. That is simply not the case. Our prevalence rate of breast cancer, the parameter to determine risk, is close to zero percent. By taking a balanced program utilizing primarily progesterone, lowers the risk of breast cancer and its recurrence. Please have any of your medical practitioners who give you misinformation to contact our website or call us directly at 954-427-7179 to help educate these concerned practitioners. If your general practitioner or your gynecologist is not interested in furthering their education, that should tell you all you need to know about that individual.

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