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How To Take Your Bioidentical Troche

BHRT Troche

You have been prescribed a pharmaceutical grade troche that is impregnated with up to four hormone groups. Each package contains 30 little squares, referred to as a troche (pronounced troh-key.)

When you receive your package, either by mail or picked up at the pharmacy or office, check to ensure that the name, flavor is correct before you remove one troche from your package. The best way to remove it is by bending the plastic pack and using your finger, move just one troche, there will be a hashmark down the center. If you need to take one half, separate the troche in two with a butter knife or your fingernail. Place the other half back in the package. If your dosage calls for one quarter separate the half into two pieces.  

It is not necessary to place the package that you are using in the refrigerator. The other packs that you ordered can be safely stored in the refrigerator until you are ready to use them

Do not leave your pack in the car or in any hot location, room temperature in the home is perfect.

Remember to reorder your troches two weeks before you run out, you can do so by calling the office or ordering online at Hormonify.com

Any further questions can be answered by the Customer Service Team at Hormonify 

954 427 7179.